Emm-Tech Courses Cairns

EMM-Tech (Easy Muscle Management) Short Course
In 8 hours you will learn gentle, non-invasive muscle release techniques to benefit you, your family and friends.


The EMMETT Technique is an internationally recognised muscle release technique suitable for all ages.


Courses are taught in an EASY to LEARN way


What is it and who is it for?

The EMM-Tech Short Course teaches a small focused set of skills and knowledge that is tailored especially to ease pain and discomfort and benefit many other conditions. The course offers an introduction into The Emmett Technique. Completing a course in EMM-Tech will improve your ability to assist yourself, family and friends.


Fast, Effective- First Aid for Muscle Restriction / Discomfort


What does the EMM-Tech Short Course cover?

This program provides an introduction to some of the skills offered to assist:

Personal Training

Body symmetry/balance
Fast, effective quad/hamstring releases
Increase lung capacity
Aid power in grip/shoulder strength
Increase general body flexibility
Assist leg cramping
Assist grip strength
Aid release shoulder restriction


General Care

Assist congestion/ swelling of lower limbs
Aid knee pain
Improve hand grip strength
Improve shoulder movement and neck rotation
Increase stability and balance
Grip strength improvement
Help lower leg difficulties
Aids breathing difficulties
Increase shoulder movement
Improve neck restriction
Hand co-ordination
Increase stability and balance

Saturday the 18th April 2020

Saturday the 6th June 2020

Saturday the 15th August 2020

Saturday the 21st November 2020

Course Investment $250
1 x Day @ 8 hours